Thrown for a loop

Talk about being totally thrown for a loop, caught off guard and dumbfounded.  That was me this week. I am having a very difficult time even writing this out as I am not sure what exactly is going on, or why it is happening.  Recently I had decided I really and seriously needed to do READ MORE

A Reason, a Season or a Lifetime

A reason, a season, a lifetime. Friends. Have you heard that saying? One of my main concerns at the beginning, when I finally could breathe, was that I didn’t want to have only divorced friends;  I didn’t want that to be my new identity. God has way bigger plans than we can ever imagine! Not READ MORE


Forgiveness. Forgiveness? I have always thought forgiveness was saying to the person who did wrong that it’s ok, that I am over it and I have moved on.  Well, I could not possibly forgive this man who turned my life upside down, this man who cheated, who said extremely mean and hurtful things, who treated READ MORE

Mindless TV

How can someone that promised to love you until death parted us, someone that has children with you, someone that’s said a million times they love you, someone you built a life with, not just leave, not just walk out, not just claim they still love you but are not IN love with you, someone READ MORE