Why, God, Why?



I was fortunate today to have an extra day off. It is a beautiful spring day. I can hear the birds chirping, the sun is shining, and it is a clear blue sky. I decided I would take a drive into the city, which is something I don’t do very often, but I had a few errands that required me to do that today. I was mindful to not get on my cell phone and talk to anyone to pass my time, but decided to listen to Christian radio and talk to God. I wish I could say that it was uninterrupted and that there were no distractions, but my mind has this little squirrel running around in it that usually has my thoughts bouncing all over the place. I know I did a whole lot of talking, even sang along with the radio, more talking, and some thought-wandering. Sadly, there wasn’t much listening going on.


My thoughts seem to always wander off in the same general direction. Why, God, why? Why, God, when I apply for a job with insurance and a steady income, does the door close?  Why, God, am I still single? Why, God, do I keep making stupid choices? Why, God, does it feel as though time is running out and I’m not getting anywhere?

Maybe your “Why, God, why” questions look a little different. Why, God, did my spouse leave me? Why, God, did my child die? Why, God, did you allow me to lose my job? Whatever the “why” may be, we are left wondering if there is an answer. There isn’t anything wrong with asking these questions. They are legitimate questions. The issue becomes that while we keep asking them, do we stop talking long enough to hear an answer? I know I just continue to keep asking them. Picture a toddler who keeps asking “why?” over and over, never waiting for a response, or not accepting the response you have given them. I’m like that.


I bet that from the beginning of time “Why, God, why” has been asked. I bet Eve asked, “Why, God, would you allow that snake to tempt me?”


I wonder if she even asked it with the same attitude I ask, without stopping to hear a response, or even wanting a response because of the fear of what the answer might be. Either way, this question will continue to be asked. What happens after we ask it is up to us. So, my next question is…  

When, God, when?