Is there a switch?



How does one turn off love? Is there a switch? This question came about as I went through the early, ugly stages of my divorce.  

How does someone who promised to love me until death do us part, someone who said “I love you” every day, now hate me with a capital H? As I read texts and emails and listened in depositions and court appearances, I asked myself over and over and over, how can he hate me? Especially in my case, where he was the one who left, who chose divorce.


He then said things like I ruined basketball for him. We held season tickets to pro and college basketball for years, and now he leaves his family and I have ruined basketball for him? WHAT?  As you might have guessed, that was very short-lived, as shortly thereafter, he demanded all tickets be turned over to him.

I should hate him, or at least dislike him. But I found myself still so much in love with him, wanting him to still love me.

That has all changed now.




Photo Credit: Cody Wiley Photography