As an update to “Thoughts and Fears, Rational or Irrational”


As an update to “Thoughts and Fears, Rational or Irrational:”


I have taken the Real Estate school test and passed!!  I felt it was fairly easy; well, I guess I wouldn’t go so far as to say “easy,” but at least I felt like most of it I had heard in class and read in my notes.  


I have also taken and passed the National and State exam — whew!  That one was HARD.  At least, I felt it was hard. Probably the first 10 questions I was questioning whether I had ever heard anything about that topic — yikes!  I actually had thoughts about getting up and leaving at two points during the test because I was that lacking in confidence. But I stuck it out and pulled it off.


The school test was no big deal, as it was at the location where I had taken about half of my classes, but the National and State tests were at an unfamiliar location way outside of my comfort bubble.  And I went by myself. This may not sound like much to most of the world, but to me, and perhaps a few of you, it was huge. I did it alone, and survived!



I have yet to “step” into my new career in the Real Estate world as I am in limbo waiting for my fingerprint card to come back so that I may apply for my license.


I have also attended the convention I mentioned in my previous post. The hardest part turned out to be leaving my daughter behind. Yes, this was the first time since my ex left, almost 8 years ago, that I have left my daughter on my parenting days. I will forever beat myself up for that, no matter how well she fared. She was very encouraging when I was wavering with my decision to attend the convention.


Now, putting my feelings about leaving my daughter behind, I had a great time at the convention. I met some incredible people, reconnected with others, and spent some great one-on-one time with a special friend.  And on top of that, I learned so much!  


I flew alone (well, okay, it wasn’t a private jet or anything, but I didn’t know anyone on my plane.)  I met up with my friend upon landing, we got to our hotel, checked in and began our week of fun and learning.  I returned home to a happy, healthy family that I missed terribly, and I think they missed me, too.


Did I rid myself of my fears? Probably not, but I chipped away at them a bit, I am sure.  I think I will hesitate next time I consider letting my fears stop me from something. I encourage you all to get out there and try what you think you can’t, attempt what you are afraid to. Failure teaches us what we are good at!