Secrets are Never good

Secrets in a marriage are never good. No matter how innocent you think they are, your spouse does not feel the same.   I remember while going through my divorce, I was dragged out to dinner with my sister and her husband (at this point I pretty much wanted to crawl in a hole and READ MORE

Karen’s Ah-Ha Moment

Sometimes it takes a lifetime to learn a lesson, other times it is instant.  But when we experience a truly “AH HA” moment, wow, what a feeling!   Here is a little story about a woman who one day found herself at 45 years old trying to figure out what her life was all about. READ MORE

Now it was my time to move on

Moving on. What does that mean? Well, in his case it meant me packing his clothes up and leaving them in the garage for him to pick up. He decided he didn’t want to be married, so he didn’t need to be coming and going in my daily world. So it was my turn. Now READ MORE

He Moved On

Looking back, I would have to say my ex moved on before he was my ex. That statement is twofold. I believe that to end our marriage, to walk out on our family, he would have moved on prior to leaving. And he definitely moved on prior to our divorce being final. There were extracurricular READ MORE