To see me through her eyes

Yesterday day was my birthday.  When you get to be my age it becomes just another day.  Oh don’t get me wrong, I am blessed beyond words and I thank God for allowing me another year.  But celebrations, parties, and gifts are just not necessary anymore.  Not that they really ever were but we thought they were!  My daughter has figured this out at a young age. Not that she doesn’t like all the hoopla, but she long ago figured out what was the best thing to give her mommy.  It starts in kindergarten when the teacher helps them to write a nice letter to their mom, usually on or around Mother’s Day.  Sometimes they are funny as the kindergartners have the biggest hearts but not a full grasp on reality.  I remember my daughter’s letter saying I was 21 and weighed like 25 pounds and that she loved that I took her for pizza some times.  See what I mean about funny. But with each year the letter changes just a bit.  The sentiment is always the same, how very much she loves me.

Fast forward to this year and my gift from my daughter is a letter, sent via email because she is at her dad’s house.  I want to share it here to inspire all you parents out there, but especially those who are going through or have gone through a divorce.  We worry about being the best parent we can be to our children.  And in cases like mine where the other parent is not the parent we nor our children feel they should be, or that we need them to be, we tend to worry even more.  Are we enough? Are we doing the right things?  Do our kids know just how much we love them? How much we do for them? Sacrifice for them? 


My daughter is a gift to me every day of my life, but as a gift to me she sent me the following letter. Our children are watching when we think they are not.  They see what we think they don’t.  She is wise beyond her years and makes me so very proud.  My wish is that I could see ME the way she sees me.  

Stay the path, stay focused, trust your heart.




HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I’m doing my birthday card a lil different this year this is it! For your present this year I’d love to take you out to dinner of your choice! Sorry it’s not much but I think you’d like it ! Anyways I don’t want to make you cry to much so let’s just get into it…. Mom I love you so much you don’t even know. You do so much for me and Cody and Chris . I can’t begin to thank you enough for giving me a wonderful life so far. You are such a great influence on my life and a great parent. You are the light that shines in everyone’s life and the light that walks in to every room. You are definitely the light in my life. You are beyond my favorite person in the whole world and just an absolutely amazing person. No one can ever replace you . Mom you’re just so amazing. With everything that is happening and happened in our family you just help me make it through. I’m beyond happy with your choices on choosing Tracey . I know a lot of things you’ve done for all of us and it’s crazy to actually believe you’ve done some of the things you’ve done. I can’t wait for Disney world with the whole family it will just be so much fun and we will all have some bonding time together. I know you sometimes don’t think you’re doing enough for all of us but you are doing way more than enough. We have some funny moments together. I really like listening to music with you even if it’s not Christian. Whenever I’m away from you I really miss you and I love how you actually spend time with me and want to be with me . I know mom mom and pop pop are  thinking of you right now. I also know they are  beyond proud of you with all of your accomplishments lately. Although they are not here I feel they are here. I’m sure they are celebrating in heaven with ronna and skeeter. I know how much you miss your mom and wish you could ask her some questions. But with your bible study you’re doing lately I think you can connect with her a little more. Mom you are the most unexplainable greatest mother in the world and would do anything for all of us . This day is about you and you only . I love you to the moon and back. See you after school !! Love you!! 

                                                 – you’re only favorite                                                         
I have no words.  Hard to believe she is only 13!  She and her letters make me cry every year, but I have to admit this year was a humdinger!! 
Love your kids all day every day, that is enough.  Just ask my daughter!