A reason, a season, a lifetime. Friends. Have you heard that saying? One of my main concerns at the beginning, when I finally could breathe, was that I didn’t want to have only divorced friends;  I didn’t want that to be my new identity. God has way bigger plans than we can ever imagine! Not only did I seek out a few divorced people to answer questions and get support, but some also sought me out.

I sought out someone at my church that I had watched from afar go thru a divorce. I heard things, I witnessed tears, and through it all believed she stood strong and with dignity. I wanted to know how to do that, so I formed a relationship with her. My sister had come through strong as a huge support and early on saw everything my way, and I needed that. I had friends who chose sides; sometimes, it wasn’t my side. I had friends who played devil’s advocate. I had friends who just listened, did not agree or disagree. I needed each and every one of them. I made new friends, lost some old friends. Some old friends came to the forefront, and some new friends fell to the background. Learning yet again a life lesson, God gives us some people for a reason; some for a season in our life and still others for a lifetime.



Photo Credit: Cody Wiley Photography