A New Beginning….. sort of……………

As this blog has evolved, so have we.  Karen and I find ourselves in totally different places than we were years ago when we began with that very first step.  I don’t believe divorce is something anyone totally “gets over”, or “recovers from”, or “heals from”.  I believe the damage done is now part of who we have become.  For better or worse, it was the worst, at least in our minds.

We find ourselves growing and learning each and every day.  We also find that we still have the heart to be there for others as they try to find their way.  As Karen and I ran into a writing block wall of sorts, we questioned whether to keep the blog going or shut it down.  At just that moment we were referred to someone struggling, or we were asked to speak, or we received a note of thank you from someone reading one of our posts from months or years before.  You see there will always be someone out there just like us, searching for answers, searching for help, searching for someone to tell them they will survive and probably most importantly thrive.  As we wrestled with this decision, we each independently experienced some things in our own lives that either made us reflect on past writings or get out the keyboard and start writing again.

We believe God has nudged us both to keep plugging along and that is what we fully intend to do!  We have updated the website and will not only repost past stories, but new ones as well.  We know that even one life touched is enough.

So together lets keep taking one step at a time, and With Every Step we will together discover who we are meant to be!



Donna and Karen


3 thoughts on “A New Beginning….. sort of……………

  1. Tammy Clark says:

    I have never experienced divorce but I did lose my husband of 25+ years of a true and happy marriage due to cardiac arrest at the age of 52. Six years later I am still struggling to try and fill the void left in my life and heart by his passing. I’ve recently slipped into “moderate depressions” as my doctor says, but I don’t think any pill is going to fix it. What have other young widows done to help mend their broken hearts? Any suggestions out there?💕🙂

  2. Tammy Clark says:

    After losing my husband of 25+ years of a happy marriage at the young age of 52 years, I find myself 6 years later still struggling to fill the void of his loss. Recently, I’ve been diagnosed as “moderately depressed” but I don’t know of any pill that’s going to heal my broken heart. Any suggestions from any other young widows?🙂

  3. Donna says:

    Tammy, I am so sorry for your loss. I have not had your experience so not sure I have any insight. I don’t believe that you can fill that void left by someone you loved and you were loved by. I do believe that with time the void will not feel as huge, as life begins to fill in. Finding yourself and things you take joy in will help. Surround yourself with your “tribe”. Do for others.
    I will be in prayer for you, and let’s see what others may have to say.
    Blessings, Donna

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