You never know who is suffering

Tragic news this week with the passing of Robin Williams. I still cannot wrap my mind around it. He was so extremely talented, was able to put a smile on everyone’s face and a laugh in our hearts. He will be missed by so many for years to come, and for those who will never READ MORE

If I had a nickel……

We know how divorce affects us as the person going through the ugly nasty hell.  We even know some of how it affects our minor children now dealing with two households and two families. But we tend to forget that it still affects our grown children.  I think we have a false belief that because READ MORE

Sticking to a Schedule

When going through a divorce, it is hard to even fathom sharing your children with anyone, even their other parent. Even if the other parent is a great, attentive parent, it does not make giving up time with your child or children any less painful. We do not go into parenting with a thought process READ MORE

Death or Divorce?

I have suffered both: the deaths of both parents, and a very painful divorce. Which is worse?     Although I miss my parents every minute of every day, I believe my divorce was and is much worse.     My dad died suddenly. We had known he was sick, and even suspected the dreaded READ MORE